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 battery needs reconditioning

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PostSubject: battery needs reconditioning   Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:37 pm

battery needs reconditioning for preserve the battery’s accumulator properties for a long time. This starts with the first phase of use where two operations are often unavoidable: a full load followed by a break-in. This second method serves to balance the capabilities of the battery cells. This involves reloading the device at 100% and then unloading at about 15% or 10% for at least 5 cycles continuously. Subsequently, modern batteries generally have no memory effect. They are recharged as needed without being totally discharged. In practice, sustaining a battery is a lot of subtlety. In particular, it is observed that the battery lives and performs better with 50 to 95% charge on each run. And to avoid rapid degradation of the battery, to avoid using it with a load of less than 30% and to keep it (without use) repeatedly with a load of 95 to 100%. But to ensure a balance of charges, it is instead recommended to recharge 100% every 3 months. Then, you must use compliant and appropriate chargers, knowing the maximum or minimum voltage supported by the battery. Finally: prohibition to charge directly after use when the battery is still hot 17549
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battery needs reconditioning
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