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 russian tv

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PostSubject: russian tv   Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:47 pm

russian movies be gan in the Russian Empire, widely developed in the Soviet Union and in the years following its dissolution, the Russian movie industry would remain internationally recognized. In the 21st century, Russian cinema has become popular internationally with hits such as House of Fools, Night Watch, and the popular Brother. The Moscow International Film Festival began in Moscow in 1935. The Nika Award is the main annual national film award in Russia.The first films seen in the Russian Empire were brought in by the Luis brothers, who exhibited films in Moscow and St. Petersburg in May 1896. That same month, Luis e cameraman Camille Cerf made the first film in Russia, recording the coronation of Nicholas I at the Kremlin.Aleksandr Drank produced the first Russian narrative film Rin, based on events told in a popular folk song and directed by Vladimir Last seasons Stare made the first Russian animated film (and the first stop motion puppet film with a story) in 1910 - Luca . Among the notable Russian filmmakers of the era were About and Ivan Mozzarella who made Defence of Sev l in 1912. Yahoo made Departure of a Grand Old Man, a biographical film about Lev Tolstoy.During World War I, imports dropped drastically, and Russian filmmakers turned out anti-German, nationalistic films. In 1916, 499 films were made in Russia, more than three times the number of just three years earlier.The Russian Revolution brought more change, with a number of films with anti-Tsarist themes. The last significant film of the era, made in 1917, Father Secretary would become the first new film release of the Soviet era. 97207
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russian tv
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